• What is Olivia?

    Olivia is an edge platform delivering a digital learning experience anytime anywhere regardless of broadband connectivity

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    School Districts

    • Streamlining digital strategy execution

    • Reducing the cost and complexity

    • Providing insight through consolidated data analytics

    • Helping educators focus on engagement and learning

    • Supporting and enhancing after-school programs

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    • Supporting existing learning management system

    • Adaptable for each class and teaching method

    • Reducing time and effort by providing curriculum-aligned content

    • Amplifying in-class experiences, activities, and assignments with enriching after-school activities

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    • Easy to use - works anywhere - take Olivia home, plug in, log on

    • Enhancing engagement through enriched learning experiences

    • Delivering a digital library enabling exploration and discovery

    • Creating engagement and adaptive learning through flexibility and choice

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    • Creating peace of mind by providing a safe after-school learning environment

    • Facilitating and increasing parental engagement and active participation in the learning journey

    • Connecting parents with teachers and school activities and strengthening community

    • Learning never stops with Olivia ... anytime anywhere...

  • Let's Get Going

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    Step 1

    Digital Assessment

    We review your LMS and digital programs

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    Step 2


    We activate Olivia through your existing LMS and deliver a seamless tailored experience for your students

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    Step 3

    Identifying Success Factors

    Olivia adapts through data and analytics to guide informed choices to improve education outcomes